Thursday, December 21, 2006


Airhead America invites all conservatives and Republicans to Unite the country by calling for the defeat of America in Iraq.
It's time we admitted defeat and waved the white flag (before we win and it's too late).

Liberal bloggers (like Bombshell) across the nation have been doing our best to help terrorists win and America to lose in Iraq for several years.
It all started in 2000 when Gore "defeated" Bush. We never got over it and were going to take it out on the rest of the country by calling for Bush to be defeated in Iraq.
Now YOU can join us and support the "troupes" (thanks Oklefty) by calling for their swift defeat.

Those who think they can bring democracy by force to a country are wrong and we liberals cannot support that...only "the Religion of Peace" can be forced on a country, and we liberals do support that.
And YOU can support it to! Sign up HERE.

Don't be fooled by OTHER bloggers calling for unity in America through Victory.
Victory is just a Republican code word for... uhhh victory.

Anyway, we are not really even in a war so there is no such thing as victory or defeat. Bush lied and made the entire thing up. They are actually in the desert somewhere in Arizona filming the fake "war" for the US government controlled rightwing media like the Associated Press and MSNBC who print every word Bush says as gospel, but ignore great leaders like President Ahmadinejad. So, there is no war, but if there were...we would support our own defeat.

All the liberal bloggers already support DEFEAT in Iraq, but we need to get to the rightwingers out there so we can UNITE the country and end the senseless polarization that is currently going on.

So, let's cheer... two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar.... all for DEFEAT, stand up and holler!
GO Insurgents!

As usual, we will post the daily/weekly total for Americans killed in Iraq to support the "troupes" on Friday.
But we don't post how many freedom fighters were injured or killed...just the innocent Iraqi's (but we blame those on the Americans)

Be sure to sign up for "DEMOCRATS FOR DEFEAT" right here in the comments section or post a story on your liberal blog... calling for America's defeat.