Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Future of Iraq (and the world?)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the "Iranian nation and government would definitely remain by side of its brother, Iraq, and we will do anything that our government and people can do to boost security in Iraq."
He went on to say "Iranian nation is seeking peace and tranquility all over the world, particularly in th Middle East and the Persian Gulf".

Now there is a true friend to the Iraqi women and children but the BUSH ADMINISTRATION (or what's left of it) continues to antagonize and bully Iran over nuclear (not nukular) energy for peaceful purposes.

Democrats in Congress need to pressure Republicans (and BUSH) into getting out of Iraq and turning the civil-war in Iraq over to Iran to resolve peacefully. Had we consulted with Iran before the war, all the death and destruction we are seeing everyday on CNN, MSNBC and the NY Times would not have happened.

President Ahmadinejad is a great leader and visionary whom we should listen to and learn from, not a threat or "axis of evil" boogeyman.
I suggest we send a large envoy of leading progressive thinking Democrats from here in America over to Iran to work with President Ahmadinejad and learn from him how to peacefully solve the problems and work with the middle-east for the good of the world.
If we sent great leaders like Howard Dean, John Kerry, ALgore, John Murtha, Nancy Peloci, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, they would be able to learn how to reform the US government to function more efficiently like Iran's.
In exchange the United States could assist Iran with it's Nukular...oops... nuclear program by giving them free technology, reactors, tubes and launchers.

Imagine a world where Iran is controlling the middle east. Peace, harmony and love instead of civil war, death and violence. Pretty nice thought, huh?
Heck he might even help us with our image around the world with a makeover!

First, we need to impeach Bush and change our foreign policy to support governments like Iran, Syria and N. Korea which is exactly what we elected Democrats now in control of the congress to do.

SO, call you local Demcrat congressman (or woman) and tell them you want them to turn Iraq over to the complete control of Iran and you also want each of them go to Iran and learn from a great leader who will someday sit at the head of the United Nations or maybe the world.
He was thoughtful and kind enough to write a letter to each and every American, here it is.

I'm thinking about converting to Islam now to avoid the big rush later... how about YOU?



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