Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Stuart Smalley Show

Tonights topic:
How Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh stole money from needy children.

The huge story the MSM won't report- According to a major NY newspaper, rightwing extremists took loans for several million dollars from a non-profit group and never repaid them. This money should have gone to help children and the elderly....but instead went to promote the right wing adgenda. ...... Oh wait, that was me? We took the kids money to promote the leftwing agenda? Oh, ...well then, .............. never mind.

Tonights Guests Are:

Michael Moore- Director, producer, idiot. Stu Smalley will be talking with Mr Moore about his new book " A fair And Balanced Look At Why I Am Not Fair, Nor Balanced". Tonight, Stu will ask Michael to outline how he lied to get his op-ed video classifed as a documentary film and point out how Mr. Moore is laughing all the way to the bank while democrats swallow everything he writes or does as party policy. Is he a future Presidential candidate in the making?

Dr. Howard Dean-Sen. (d) Stu will be asking tough questions like "Why are All Republicans Evil?" of the DNC chairman, who is not the spokesman for the party according to leading Democrats who are not the party spokesmen either.
Is he be a future President in the making?
"He is shrill enough, ...he hates Republicans enough,... but gosh darn-it,... he's not very bright".

Bill O'Rile Me- Stu won't actually be talking to Bill O'Reilly, just about him, nonstop, 24/7-365, Stu talks about Bill in his sleep (we have the video, but can't show you).
ALSO- Stu will be talking to a man who says he once talked to a person who found a napkin in a parking lot which say's "Bill O'reilly Lies". Stu will discuss why the right-wing media/press has not jumped on this amazing story.-shocking details tonight on the Stuart Smalley Show- only on Airhead America Radio and the Moondance channel.

Uhhh... Uhm,... and-Uh...- Guess how many times Stu will say "uh" in one hour and win a prize. Last weeks winner was Adam M. from NY who correctly guessed 1,327 times.

Programming note:
Due to Co-host Katherine Lampisout leaving the show, we now have no-one to fake laughter at Stuart's lies errrr jokes about Republicans. We are taking appliations for a new "yes-person".
Please email us if you have experience faking laughter and nodding in agreement.