Thursday, August 11, 2005

Due to Overwhelming, Unbelievable & "Popular Demand

The Stuart Smalley show featuring Ex-comedian Stu "I'm a journalist" Smalley is back on an obscure channel, that few watch, at a time when most are in bed!
SNL fans remember Smalley's skit- "The Al Franken Decade" which has actually been "over" for decades.
"My show is really just satire and comedy without the satire and comedy part.
It's designed so that I can say anything about the President and our troops to promote the Democrat agenda", says a smiling Smalley. "Liberals will believe anything I say,... I mean look at what all we have managed to get them to swallow so far"- they believe it and I get to say it is all just satire to cover myself. That is why I am such a patriotic person, ...what a country!"

The Moondance channel is the only television network to take a chance on the wildly unsuccessful show, but is optimistic considering how mind numbingly boring it is- even to liberals and Democrats.
Watch out O'Reilly, we're almost a "factor" at 4 viewers and climbing!