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U.S. must admit defeat in Iraq before it's too late!
With elections coming soon, the reconstruction going well and the Iraqi economy starting to grow, claims of this being another Vietnam will have been proven wrong and the entire Democrat platform for the future will be in shambles.
So join us and the Democrat party as we attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq so we can beat Bush and the Republicans once and for all. As our fearless leader Howard Dean said this week, "This is a war we cannot win" (at least not if Democrats want to win an election in the next decade that is) .

Get your official "America cannot win the war in Iraq*"
bumper sticker here at Airhead America Radio. *But we support the troops.


Amazing story of horrible prisoner abuse at a facility in Guantanamo Cuba. STORY
We will not uncover why the main stream media has not focused on this first hand account of torture and abuse.

Many believe that President Bush not only caused the category 5 hurricane "Katrina" to hit New Orleans, but that he intentionally targeted the area where a large number of African Americans were living blow sealevel. This makes Katrina the first official racist hurricane to ever hit the US say leading Democrats.
Hurricane Katrina only did minor damage however to the predominantly white cities in Bush's brother Jeb's home state of Florida, but devastated the poverty stricken African American sections of New Orleans. Coincidence? Hardly.

Bush let the people of Lousiana elect a Democrat African American Mayor in New Orleans and a woman Democrat Governor in Louisiana in spite of the fact that they were neither qualified nor capable of managing any catastrophic tragedy larger than losing an election. This was an obvious racist decision on Bush's part by allowing them control of their own city. Bush is also to blame for Louisiana Democrats diverting large amounts of money appropriated for improving the levy system over to the building of a fountain in downtown New Orleans and other art projects even though the President has no say in local or state matters such as this.

The mostly black N.O. police force (controlled by Bush) lost control of the city immediately to storm victims who were "borrowing" televisions, guns, jewelry and expensive tennis shoes from area stores to feed to their families stranded by Bush's hurricane. Some of the vicitms had not eaten a "tv dinner" in days, not to mention the diamonds and pearls.

Local police and city officials were paralized with ignorance and lack of preparation- again Bush's fault, but Bush waited until the LA Governor declared New Orleans a disaster area before sending help, supplies and troops in to New Orleans as required by law. Why?

Innocent vicitms who were angry at Bush shot their weapons at rescue workers in protest of the Bush administration's policies and in an act of freedom of speech. The inept mayor of New Orleans had thousands of school buses ready and available to evacuate people ahead of the storm, but he wisely refused because the school buses were not comfortable luxury coaches. This left tens of thousands of poor, black residents stranded at the mercy of Bush's evil racist hurricane. The school buses were flooded and stranded for Bush's storm to ravage instead of used to save lives.
Why didn't Bush send the luxury coach buses in to evacuate people who refused to leave like the honorable mayor of New Orleans wanted? People should not have to be rescued in school buses, they deserve air-conditioned luxury coaches or nothing.
Was all this done by Bush to punish New Orleans for not voting for him in the last election? The evidence is strong that this is the case, but sadly there is more.

Bush and his corrupt Republican administration allowed a plan created by Joe Liberman(d) and other Democrat senators to move FEMA under the control of the newly formed Homeland Security Department which now Democrats say was wrong on Bush's part.
"Bush knew we weren't smart enough to know what to do with FEMA, it is his fault for letting us do it" said Howard Dean who is the chairman but not the spokesman for the Democrat party.
"Bush sent that hurricane in there to kill those poor black people"Dean continued, "He hates black people, that is why he has appointed more minorities and African Americans to high level positions than any President in history".

No Connection between September 11 attacks and Iraq

Americans are wrong when they try and make a connection between Iraq and 9/11/2001 when the world trade centers and the pentagon were attacked by Al Qaeda.
"What does the war in Iraq have to do with the war on Terror" asks Stu Smalley, "Americans who make that claim are just stupid".

Stu points to the June 16 2005 NY Times article that confirms American and Iraqi military forces have captured one of Al Qaeda's top leaders in the Mosul area of Northern Iraq. American military forces nearly captured Zarqawi himself earlier this spring. His driver, Abu Usama, was captured. Mr. Zarqawi assured followers he was still in command of his "Al Qaeda forces" in Iraq. American military killed or captured at least 20 top Al Qaeda lieutenants recently in Iraq, including bomb makers, cell leaders and propaganda chiefs. The US government has had a policy since Vietnam not to release enemy killed numbers, but the number of Al Qaeda killed or captured in Iraq totals several hundred or perhaps even in the thousands.

"So, why do so many Amercians see a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda?"
Stu will ask Sen Howard Dean and Sen Ted Kennedy that very question next week on Airhead America Radio.
UPDATE: Senators Dean and Kennedy had to cancel next weeks appearance until some date in the future tbd.

The Dumbing Street memo:
A shocking third-party report, has liberals across the globe outraged to learn that the United States and Great Britain may have discussed ( after 9/11/2001) how to remove Saddam from power with military force before going to war.
This goes against the long standing liberal tradition of not planning for a war until well after it starts. Stu Smalley and other brave patriots are calling for an Impeachment of President Bush saying, "The next time we go to war, we had better not plan how to do it first".
Democrat leaders agree and say they have absolutely no idea what they would do about the war in Iraq and thus have the liberals full support. President Bill Clinton signed the
Iraqi Liberation Act in Oct. of 1998 making regime change in Iraq- official U.S. policy, proving once again, the U.S. made plans to remove Saddam from power even before Sept. 11th 2001.

Proof: Bill O'Reilly is a Liar.
Bill O'Reilly was caught red-handed mispelling a word, proving everything he writes is erroneous. Bill O'reilly is an evil man because Stu Smalley just doesn't like him. "Bill is not smart enough, not good enough, but gosh darnit- I wouldn't have a show without him". On Thursday, Stu will discuss why the right-wing media doesn't pick up on this amazing story.

Proof: George Bush is a Liar:
Stu dicovered new evidence that George Bush said the exact same thing that Bill Clinton and John Kerry-Heinz stated about Saddam being a threat to America. Stu contends that since Bill Clinton and Kerry-Heinz are such well-known and frequent liars, that this is the ultimate "smoking gun".

Stu Supports US Troops and the Unborn:
Stu supports the troops by informing them and the world on a daily basis that they are fighting an illegal, immoral and unjust war, waged on lies, for oil and to make the President's friends rich.
Stu also supports aborted babies by telling them that they are better off not being born in the first place

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"Because I'm arrogant enough, enough........ and gosh darnit, ........liberals pretend to like me as long as I agree with them"
Stuart Smalley


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This is great. Why did you stop?

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