Thursday, December 21, 2006


Airhead America invites all conservatives and Republicans to Unite the country by calling for the defeat of America in Iraq.
It's time we admitted defeat and waved the white flag (before we win and it's too late).

Liberal bloggers (like Bombshell) across the nation have been doing our best to help terrorists win and America to lose in Iraq for several years.
It all started in 2000 when Gore "defeated" Bush. We never got over it and were going to take it out on the rest of the country by calling for Bush to be defeated in Iraq.
Now YOU can join us and support the "troupes" (thanks Oklefty) by calling for their swift defeat.

Those who think they can bring democracy by force to a country are wrong and we liberals cannot support that...only "the Religion of Peace" can be forced on a country, and we liberals do support that.
And YOU can support it to! Sign up HERE.

Don't be fooled by OTHER bloggers calling for unity in America through Victory.
Victory is just a Republican code word for... uhhh victory.

Anyway, we are not really even in a war so there is no such thing as victory or defeat. Bush lied and made the entire thing up. They are actually in the desert somewhere in Arizona filming the fake "war" for the US government controlled rightwing media like the Associated Press and MSNBC who print every word Bush says as gospel, but ignore great leaders like President Ahmadinejad. So, there is no war, but if there were...we would support our own defeat.

All the liberal bloggers already support DEFEAT in Iraq, but we need to get to the rightwingers out there so we can UNITE the country and end the senseless polarization that is currently going on.

So, let's cheer... two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar.... all for DEFEAT, stand up and holler!
GO Insurgents!

As usual, we will post the daily/weekly total for Americans killed in Iraq to support the "troupes" on Friday.
But we don't post how many freedom fighters were injured or killed...just the innocent Iraqi's (but we blame those on the Americans)

Be sure to sign up for "DEMOCRATS FOR DEFEAT" right here in the comments section or post a story on your liberal blog... calling for America's defeat.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Future of Iraq (and the world?)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the "Iranian nation and government would definitely remain by side of its brother, Iraq, and we will do anything that our government and people can do to boost security in Iraq."
He went on to say "Iranian nation is seeking peace and tranquility all over the world, particularly in th Middle East and the Persian Gulf".

Now there is a true friend to the Iraqi women and children but the BUSH ADMINISTRATION (or what's left of it) continues to antagonize and bully Iran over nuclear (not nukular) energy for peaceful purposes.

Democrats in Congress need to pressure Republicans (and BUSH) into getting out of Iraq and turning the civil-war in Iraq over to Iran to resolve peacefully. Had we consulted with Iran before the war, all the death and destruction we are seeing everyday on CNN, MSNBC and the NY Times would not have happened.

President Ahmadinejad is a great leader and visionary whom we should listen to and learn from, not a threat or "axis of evil" boogeyman.
I suggest we send a large envoy of leading progressive thinking Democrats from here in America over to Iran to work with President Ahmadinejad and learn from him how to peacefully solve the problems and work with the middle-east for the good of the world.
If we sent great leaders like Howard Dean, John Kerry, ALgore, John Murtha, Nancy Peloci, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, they would be able to learn how to reform the US government to function more efficiently like Iran's.
In exchange the United States could assist Iran with it's Nukular...oops... nuclear program by giving them free technology, reactors, tubes and launchers.

Imagine a world where Iran is controlling the middle east. Peace, harmony and love instead of civil war, death and violence. Pretty nice thought, huh?
Heck he might even help us with our image around the world with a makeover!

First, we need to impeach Bush and change our foreign policy to support governments like Iran, Syria and N. Korea which is exactly what we elected Democrats now in control of the congress to do.

SO, call you local Demcrat congressman (or woman) and tell them you want them to turn Iraq over to the complete control of Iran and you also want each of them go to Iran and learn from a great leader who will someday sit at the head of the United Nations or maybe the world.
He was thoughtful and kind enough to write a letter to each and every American, here it is.

I'm thinking about converting to Islam now to avoid the big rush later... how about YOU?


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

DEMOCRATS (And Terrorists) WIN!!!

Thanks to our efforts here at AhAR, terrorists and Americans are cheering in the streets over Democrats BIG VICTORY in defeating BUSH and the Republicans failed policies.

America's image has improved in the middle east (terrorists love us) and our enemies at the UN couldn't be happier! (Even N. Korea and Iran are happy)

We lied, cheated and tricked you into hating BUSH enough to throw out your local Republican Senators and Congressmen, and you fell for it.
That's the truth and the joke is on YOU.

Never mind that if we actually do cut and run from Iraq millions of innocent Iraqi's will be slaughtered because we will just blame it on BUSH.
What a country, thank-you Americans for being such useful idiots.

Congratulations and thanks to the terrorists, we couldn't have done it without you.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Democrat Loss = Another Stolen Election

If Democrats don't take the House AND Senate in a landslide this election, it can only mean one thing. Bush and Karl Rove stole another one.
Democrats are leading in every single pre-election poll and the only thing that can stop them is fraud and corruption by Republicans (again). Polls are never wrong...right?

Remember that Bush stole the 2000 election where algore got more votes. In 2004, John Kerry was robbed by Bush in Ohio and who knows where else.
How can Democrats win an election that is already rigged for the other side?

Democrats have been out signing up dead people to vote, signing up people with 3 or 4 different names to vote 3 or 4 times each and sighning up illegal convicted felons when they can find them. If there were just some way to let illegal immigrants vote...
Get out the vote takes on a new meaning in this election for sure. But hey, whatever it takes to win.

Perhaps Democrats can convince Republican voters to just stay home... not that it will matter since the election is already decided by Republicans controlling the vote counting process.

Scandals don't work, hating Bush hasn't worked and we can't debate the issues because we can't let voters know just how liberal we are, so we are left with plain old fashioned cheating.

So get out there and lie and cheat and steal,... whatever, just win this one for the Democrats!
Claim you are religious, claim you are conservative, say whatever to get the votes.
It's for a good cause, which makes it okay.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


There is no problem with money at AAR, ratings are higher than ever, that is NOT an iceberg ahead so go ahead and re-arrange the deck chairs and listen to the nice music.
"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain".

Karl Rove has started another lie designed to destroy his enemies and we here at AhAR are going to set the record straight. Liberal Talk Radio (progressive talk) is the most popular and entertaining form of talk radio in the world. We have more listeners than Rush and Hannity combined and the money is flowing in so fast we can't even count it.

Remember Bush is the liar but we tell the truth that you don't get from the right-wing controlled media like CNN and MSNBC. If we did file bankruptcy (but were not) it would be because the vast rightwing conspiracy put pressure on corporate America to keep us from getting funding.

Just like NPR, our ratings are through the roof yet we can't get anyone to sponsor advertisements or support us. Proof again of Carl Rove and the neo-cons power over the world.

The only way we will be able to stay on the air is if YOU kick the Republicans out of power and put Democrats back in power where they rightfully belong. The Democrats will either fund our show directly or ban all conservative talk shows in the interest of equal time.

So, if you like Airhead America Radio but HATE Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh- vote Democrat and ban them and all conservative talk radio from the airwaves.

Remember, we are NOT filing bankruptcy and we are doing GREAT! I am staying here until I get paid my $2million bucks, even if we have to steal it from a non-profit youth organization.


Friday, August 25, 2006

VOTE DEMOCRAT because "Bush is a stupid liar"

We tell whoppers like the following, but claim Bush is the stupid liar. Funny stuff isn't it?
Bush stole the election in 2000. (no, seriously- we really believe this)
Bush not only knew about the 9/11 attacks but he ordered the demoliton of those buildings and faked the airplanes and terrorists. (no, seriously- we really believe this too)
Bush stole old people's Social Security money. (for real's)
Bush started the war in Iraq to make his friends at Haliburton rich. (no joke, war for oil dude)
Bush had a secret military draft developed just before the 2004 election. "vote or die". (We need to get out of Vietnam....errr I mean Iraq)
Bush blew up the levy's in New Orleans not hurricane Katrina. (We can't say that he didn't do it)
Bush's SUV caused hurricane Katrina. (your car is evil, gasoline must be eliminated, ride a bicycle)
Bush is the terrorists, Bush is the enemy. (Terrorists only hate us because they hate Bush, get rid of Bush and the terrorists become peace loving "freedom fighters").
Vote Democrat in '06.

Conservative Christians are all liars and racists. (why aren't they perfect like us liberals?)

Conservatives hate gays, immigrants and minorities by disagreeing with them. (Liberals love anyone who will join our Bush-Hate-Fest and would never disagree with anyone who will hate Bush)

This election is about two things for the conservatives:
"Love Jesus and Hate Immigrants".

(We say "Hate Jesus and Love those who cross our borders illegally and break our laws").

Why can't Christians do what Jesus teaches them to do? (Even though we don't believe in Jesus or God or any of that stuff, of course)

Conservatives LOSE another one. The Morning After Pill will be available WITHOUT a perscription! (uh oh, now with hundreds/thousands of ways to avoid getting pregnant including after fertilization, there should be almost zero abortions- right? shhh we'll keep quiet about this little fact).

Conservatives think they need to be able to own a gun to defend themselves... (If they weren't trying to defend themselves the criminals wouldn't attack them)

We hate all these conservative Christians ramming GOD down everyone elses throat. (while we ignore the fact that radical muslims brutally slit everyone elses throat)

If the voters put Democrats back in power this fall, the terrorists will stop attacking us, the economy will boom because of our big tax increases, there will be no more hurricanes because there will be no more SUV's or cars or oil, birds will sing and flowers will bloom.

Bush will be impeached and Cheney and Rove will be put in prison. Republicans will be destroyed and Democrats will reign for 100 years.

vote Democrat in 06 and forever.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Day Without Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Workers:

We here at the Stu Smalley Show and Airhead America Radio support the undocumented migrant workers protest/march "A Day Without Immigrants (Mexicans)" on May 1.
Any reason to protest Bush and America is a good reason to protest.
All of our illegal workers employed by Airhead America were given the day off with pay. We gave the guy who brings us breakfast off, the guy who brings us lunch off, the guy who takes out the trash off, the woman who cleans the bathrooms off, the guy that smashes the boxes and shreds the hate mail off, the woman who waxes the floors off, the guy that rolls up the cables and power cords off, and of course the guy that will do the stuff no one else will do at a price no one else would consider.
I gave my housekeeper the day off, my gardener the day off, the nanny the day off, the boy that washes my cars the day off, the spanish tutor for my Irish Setter the day off, the guy that keeps my boat polished the day off, the girl that does my hair every day... the day off.
It only cost us $10 total but...
You know what?
I realized that...with everyone gone, ...I have no friends.

We need these cheap illegal workers to do the lousy jobs no one else will do. (Like be my friend)
American friends cost a lot more than illegal Mexican friends and they refuse to do stuff.
Besides, Stuart Smalley is not going to be caught dead mowing his own lawn. The newspapers will say that I must be broke and that Airhead America must be losing money and that my skits on SNL really weren't very funny and they won't like me in Hollywood any more.... and I just want to be liked.
Protesters write the laws in US.
The protest march is the actual way we change laws in America. All people who break any law should plan a protest march to change the law. It's the American way isn't it?
No one understands all that whole "get elected to office and vote change" stuff, we liberals know the value of a good "sit-in" or protest. You know you can get on TV and the reporters love you!

Besides, we are all illegal immigrants.
According to my history books, we stole this land from the Indians and the Mexicans in the first place. It is not really ours.
Who is George Bush to say that Mexicans can't live in what was once Mexico?
Thank goodness the leading Democrats like Sen. Joe Byden are speaking out for the rights of people who are here illegally over the rights of those who are legal US citizens.
Have you heard the new latino version of the National Anthem/Star Spangled Banner?
It's catchy! Makes you want a shot of Tequilla and a hotdog with jalepenos.

So lets open all the borders to America.
Mr Bush, Tear down that wall.
All children are welcome of any age, c'mon in.
Maybe the world won't hate us so much.... I just want to be liked. Don't you?

All those Red Stater's out there should stop beating their chest about how great America is long enough to understand that illegal immigrants have voting rights and terrorists have voting rights. We should listen to their opinons. We should let the world vote for our next President.
Why do only Americans get to vote for President? Let every vote count and count every vote.
It's time for change, vote Democrat this fall and get rid of Bush, his buddies and politics as usual.

In the meantime, I want my "undocumented workers" (Mexicans) back so that I can function.
The lawn is a mess, the dishes are piled to the ceiling, all of my clothes are dirty, I am having a bad hair day and the dog can't speak a word of spanish.
Help me, Por Favor?
Because you are liberal enough, you are cheap enough and gosh darn it I think you people like me.